Young Water Professionals – International Group in Gdansk, Poland, 11-14 May 2016


In charge of the future water sector, Young Water Professionals (YWPs) should be at the forefront of the design, development and implementation of current change processes.
IWA’s programme of activities for Young Water Professionals aims to empower the next generation of water leaders. Internationally, and at national level (YWP chapters), IWA supports YWPs in:

  • Connections – Develop a professional network through IWA’s networking events; mentoring programme; career fairs; online platforms
  • Professional development – Gain experience working with professionals in your field and develop organisational and leadership skills through engaging in YWP chapters, Specialist groups, programmes, and committees, as well as attend and learn at IWA (YWP) events and workshops
  • Recognition – Gain recognition and profile through awards; online blogs and articles; presentations and publications

IWA has integrated active YWP involvement in governance (Board, Strategic Council, YWP International Steering Committee; Governing members) and activities (Events, Specialist Groups, Programmes).

Supported by YWP Global Coordinator: Kirsten de Vette

Become an IWA Member/Join Polish YWP

To belong to this global network and to contribute and participate in the association, we encourage you to register as a member and check the YWP box on your registration form.


Contact to Young Water Professionals Polish Chapter Chair: Jakub_Drewnowski

Connect and Contribute

As an IWA member we encourage you to connect and contribute to:

  • Thematic Programmes – IWA is pleased to offer our YWPs the ability to get some work experience by contributing to the projects in the programmes. Please contact the programme coordinator in case you are willing to offer support.
  • YWP Country Chapters – Find out if IWA is active in your country and whether they have specific YWP activities you can become involved in.
  • YWP Events – Attend, participate and organise YWP dedicated events.
  • Specialist Groups (SG) – Find the SG in your field and get in contact with its members, bring in new ideas and offer to organise other YWPs under the group. Read about our YWPs previous experiences in the Newsletter.


Be always connect: IWA-CONNECT

Gain Recognition for Your Work

  • Submit abstracts to IWA Events and participate in YWP Forums & Events.
  • Send news and articles about YWP activities to our IWA YWP Team and get them published.
  • Submit a nomination for the YWP Award scheme and choose your water leaders.
  • Become a member of one of the SG Steering Committees, Programmes Committtees or of the YWP Global Steering Committee – Calls for nominations will be announced in our social media platforms and relevant websites!

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