IWA Warsaw 2017

The conference will be held on 25-27 September 2017 in Warsaw, Poland

More information about the 7th IWA Conference on Odours and Air Emissions


IWA Odours 2017_Call for papers

Organising Committee

Radosław Barczak (Chairperson)

Anna Olszyna

Anna Sodoś-Bartosiewicz

Katarzyna Soporek

Mirosław Szyłak-Szydłowski

Agnieszka Tabernacka

Scientific Committee:

Andrzej Kulig  (Chairperson) – Warsaw University of Technology – Poland

Radoslaw Barczak – Warsaw University of Technology – Poland

Laura Capelli – Politecnico di Milano – Italy

Pierre le Cloirec – ENSC – France

Eva Gallego – Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya – Spain

Jean-Michel Guillot – EMA – France

Ton van Harreveld – OdourNet – Spain

Takaya Higuchi – Yamaguchi University – Japan

Jacek Koziel – Iowa State University – USA

Herman Van Langenhove – Ghent Universiteit – Belgium

Raquel Lebrero – University of Valladolid – Spain

Philip J. Longhurst – Cranfield University – UK

Dietmar Mannebeck – Olfasense GmbH – Germany

Michael McGinley – St.Croix Sensory – USA

Raul Munoz – University of Valladolid – Spain

Vincenzo Naddeo – University of Salerno – Italy

Martin Piringer – Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics – Austria

Jane Meri Santos – Department of Environnemental Engineering – Brazil

Gunther Schauberger – Univeristy of Veterinary Medicine – Austria

Selena Sironi – Politecnico di Milano – Italy

Izabela Marta Sówka – Wroclaw University of Science and Technology – Poland

Richard Stuetz – University of New South Wales – Australia

Irwin H. (Mel) Suffet – University of California – USA

Mirosław Szyłak-Szydłowski – Warsaw University of Technology – Poland

Agnieszka Tabernacka – Warsaw University of Technology – Poland

Jes Vollersten – Aalborg University – Denmark

Waldemar Wardencki – Gdańsk University – Poland

Jay Witherspoon – CH2M HILL – USA



7th IWA Conference on Odours & Air Emissions will be held at Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management, 00-653 Warsaw, Poland which is the newest venue at Warsaw University of Technology. The host city has everything that a modern European capital could offer. Dynamic commercial and office centre, friendly public transport, vibrant cultural life – these are just some of the elements, which make Warsaw a perfect embodiment of changes that have taken place in Poland in the past 25 years. But it is hard to forget about history, especially that complex: almost total destruction of the city during WWII, post-war reconstruction and the years of communism. It is a city of many faces: a contrasting blend of past and present with the architectural landscape composed of historical and socrealist buildings neighbouring post-modern skyscrapers. The nearest vicinity of the Venue offer accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets.